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I can’t help it that I’m sexy and irresistible. The last time I corrupted a certain bored Lesbian MILF, it was all because she seemed helpless beneath my spell. It happened to be my neighbor and my best friend’s mum. I went over to ask for help with a project from school, but you all know how it ends. I turn into my suggestive, alluring kitty cat and in under an hour, I’ve got the bored housewife turning into a lesbian milf. I spread my silky thighs and have her lick me to a screaming orgasm. I have a dominant streak too so I don’t let her get any pleasure for herself till I think she deserves it. I make her give me a foot massage, make me a sandwich. It was such fun watching this 40-something beauty scamper around meeting my every wish. She works as a librarian or something and is a member of her kid’s PTA. I wonder what they’ll think if they could see her now, her face stained with my juices!

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Her husband is always out of town, being the busy mogul that he is. No wonder she’s one of many milf lesbians – bored housewives in the neighborhood. I feel like making it up to her somehow. Maybe. It’s so funny how this was all her fault really. I always used to catch her ogling me in my skimpy outfits. My parents let me get away with almost anything and I usually can be found in the tiniest shorts and tank tops. On my visit to my best friend’s mom, I was in the shortest skirt imaginable with my tube top barely holding in my proud, firm boobs.

She couldn’t peel her eyes away from my inappropriate attire. So in the middle of my visit, I asked her if she was one of those girls who like girls. She looked shocked by my question but I told her it was okay: some girls love pussy too. I certainly do. I told her it was okay if she wanted to feel up my tits or pussy. I’d let her lick me if she wanted, I said. She seemed speechless and tried to look angry and embarrassed. Yeah right. She’d been all but sniffing at me all day so I decided to cut to the chase.

I grabbed around her sexy MILF body and squeezed her luscious ass. I told her she was firm for her age. She blushed. I licked on her neck and she gasped. “Please…no.” But I knew she meant yes. They always mean yes.

In no time at all I was leaning back on the cushions with her face pushed into my sex. Hmm, for a first-time licker she did pretty good. Amazing what a bored housewife would get up to given the encouragement. Now she can’t have enough of my sweetly slick cunt and I make sure she pleasures me whenever I have those hot urges.

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I’ve always craved a lesbian threesome (3 girls) but never had the chance. It’s been a while since I’d had sex with a woman. Even as I became eighteen I’d already known I liked my own sex. Especially when that year, my best friend and I found out we liked to kiss each other. We kept going further and further till one time, I spent the night with her. I remember it like yesterday. We took off every scrap of clothing and made real love for the first time. I put my face between her open legs and found I really enjoyed sucking and licking her sweet pussy. She did the same for me, both of us winding up in 69 position. Ever since then the scent and taste of a woman’s sexy cunt has been a massive thrill for me. And now I want more.

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Yes, I want so much more. That’s why I picked the chance to have some lesbian threesome phone sex right now. It’s always been just a fantasy, of course. But one day, it actually came true. And I want to share the whole experience with you.

Imagine how good it felt when my best friend invited me to spend the weekend at a snowy cabin with her. But we wouldn’t be alone! Her girlfriend would be there. I thought of how much fun it would be in that rustic mountain cabin. We could get as freaky as we liked with no one to bother us or ask questions. My mouth was watering already…

I barely made it there in one piece thanks to the worsening weather. Snow everywhere, falling to almost blizzard proportions. Even in the heavy snowfall I still found my way to my destination, thankfully. And just in time. The weather had turned the roads impassable and now we’d be stuck together the whole weekend. Good thing I packed enough for the duration.

The two waiting women looked lovely. My best friend Amber was blonde and sexy with full curves while her girlfriend was a petite brunette. They helped me out of my wet clothes, gave me the spare bedroom where I went to rest after enjoying a nice dinner with the girls.

I awoke around midnight and needed to use the bathroom. Once I was done I headed for the living room which looked cozy with the burning fire and the lights dimmed. But before I could think of returning to my room, I heard a soft grunt. My eyes widened as I finally noticed the two figures writhing in front of the fire. They rolled around on the rug, kissing, caressing and moaning. Amber’s hands were all over her girlfriend’s perky breasts. I felt my body strum as I watched them.

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As Amber slithered down to bury her mouth over her girlfriend Lisa’s pussy, I couldn’t help from slipping my fingers underneath my pajama buttons. I felt so wet, warm and swollen with lust. Lisa was moaning for Amber to suck and lick her clitoris harder. Lisa cupped Amber’s blonde hair as Amber dived in like a starved tigress.

Just then Lisa looked up, saw me and smiled. “We don’t mind if you’d like to watch, but we’d rather you joined us instead. Am I right, Amber?”

Amber looked up with a saucy smile. “You’re definitely invited for a girly threesome. Why else do you think you’re here?”

I blushed, my nerve endings on fire as I stripped down as naked as they were.

My last relationship just ended after four months so I’ve been sort of down. I guess I came over to the cabin hoping for some me-time. Looked like I was going to finally get my wish for a hot and wild lesbian threesome. This would be my best weekend ever!

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